If you have overwhelming medical bills, debt that is inhibiting your ability to live a productive life, losses from a divorce or other reasons to consider debt relief, we may be able to help you find some breathing room. No matter where you are in the process of debt relief, we can assist you with making the right decision for your situation.

We file for clients who need relief under Chapters 7 and 13. We have no consultation fee for Bankruptcy clients who file with us, so feel free to contact us with questions.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Mooresville NCWe highly recommend that you speak to someone who has personally filed Bankruptcy. In our experience those who filed have had positive results in rebuilding their credit and the peace of mind that comes from knowing creditors can not contact them again without violating the law.

We believe that we should all pull our weight, but there are times in life where catastrophic events leaves us unable to do so. The law was written so that people in such situations can look toward a bright future. Even Deuteronomy 15 commands that creditors forgive all debts of fellow citizens every seven years.

Bankruptcy is not the awful thing that creditors would have you believe. Bankruptcy is simply relief for people in a time of need.
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